Summer School

School’s out for summer, which means Heath Farm’s Summer School has been enjoying lots of fun activities!

Jordan has been taking part in lots of arts and crafts including decorating his own mug, which he said he, “loved everything about it!” He also personalised a canvas with his favourite coloured buttons. Things got messy when the students turned their hands to decorating bags. Alexxus even resorted to putting down the paintbrush and using her hands!

The drama workshops proved to be lots of fun. Students enjoyed creating their own characters, playing games and even had a go at making their own costumes.

The group created lots of tasty treats in the cooking sessions. The pizza and millionaire shortbread were favourites.

Sport is always a favourite activity at Heath Farm School and the children were keen to try their hand at every activity offered to them, including tag rugby, table tennis and carpet bowls. Ciaran was really pleased with his cricket skills, enjoying the opportunity to practice and teach his friends the rules of the game.

Amongst all the busy activities, we still found time to relax with some board games and computer game tournaments. It was a jam-packed fortnight!