Heath Farm gets top Anti-Bullying Award

Heath Farm School has been awarded the Safe at School (SAS) Anti-Bullying accreditation which is a national award for the work the school does to prevent bullying. The school was praised for the range of opportunities it provides to pupils to become positive role models and the emphasis it places on recognising positive behaviour. The school has also worked closely with parents and carers providing workshops and has given clear guidance and policy information to help them keep their children safe in school and outside of school, as well as promoting safety online. The award was presented by Jill Allen who was the Salus representative and she said:

Parents and pupils can feel confident that Heath Farm are doing their very best to prevent bullying and keep their pupils safe in and outside of the school as well as anywhere they venture in the online world”.

Heath Farm school were able to demonstrate that they met all and exceeded many of the awards criteria, which is in line with what Ofsted expect from an outstanding school. She added that:

Salus runs an anti-bullying survey annually in Kent and this is the biggest of its kind in the UK and last year we gathered over 15,000 responses. I am pleased to say that Heath Farm School have not only took part in the past three years but the school acts on the findings by ensuring they carefully review the surveys findings.”

Deputy Headteacher Mark Jones said:

“The Pupils and staff at Heath Farm School feel extremely proud in achieving this award. They have collectively established and embedded a proactive culture in ensuring that bullying incidents are now infrequent. Any incidents that do occur, the pupils feel confident that staff will address the issues effectively and promptly. Both the staff and the pupils actively support each other in reinforcing the importance of reporting incidents and how they proactively keep each other safe in the school community. The anti-bullying award is a result of the school’s pre-emptive work to educate pupils to understand what bullying is and how to keep themselves safe online.”

One of the school council representatives BD said:

I think Heath Farm School is a safe school and the pupils look out for each when bullying happens. We can talk to staff and support each other through the peer mentors in each class and talk about on-going bullying if it happens in our weekly school council meetings so it gets stopped”.