6th Form Centre

Located just 3 minutes walk from Ashford town centre, stands in its own site with off-street parking to both front and back.
It has the facility to manage up to 16 students on varied timetables in conjunction with vocational courses at colleges and external providers. Linking to the academic work, which is directly provided at the centre.

Post 16

Many of our students starting Post 16 have not reached the necessary level of emotional, social and academic maturity necessary to manage an independent transition to college education or employment. They come to us significantly behind in these areas and, whilst they have caught up a considerable amount and made huge progress, they are not ready for independence. In particular, the pupils lack the necessary skills for independent learning, personal organisation and a more independent lifestyle. Post 16 education demands both willingness and ability to take a good deal of personal responsibility. The same applies to transfer to the world of work. Some students are ready for this, but others are not. Post 16 provides a bridge between the world of school and the world of further education.

The aim of Post 16 is to support the pupils by combining social support, supporting in accessing the academic environment; leading our students toward more independent study and living.

The curriculum has three components – college, community/work experience and school. The distinctive feature of this model is the fact that Heath Farm School takes responsibility for co-ordinating and supervising the other two elements (or components) by providing support both in and beyond school. Staff continually supports and encourages students towards their goal of independence. The three components are individually planned in relation to both content and the proportion of time involved. This allows considerable flexibility and variety. Students aiming for full time college placements will have different experience from those aiming for work with occupational based training.

In the first year of Post 16, students participate in level 1, 2 or 3 courses depending on their previous attainment. The majority will take level 2 vocational courses, which will encompass a minimum of 540 hours of directed learning. Most students will spend 3 days in college and two in school. The days in school will be spent working on college assignments and the Post 16 ‘Skills for Life’ programme of study. Skills for Life draws upon elements of the Btec Personal and Social Development schemes of work. Personal development is also supported via a range of therapies designed to enable students to meet the challenges they face in accessing mainstream FE and HE environments and to help prepare students in becoming active members of society.

In addition, functional skills in mathematics level 1 and 2 and GCSE maths are delivered. Alternatively, Entry level 1, 2 and 3 may be studied as an appropriate qualification depending on ability. Exams may be taken at either school or college. Pupils attend either school full time or divide up their week with college courses and school based learning; timetables are bespoke dependent upon the individual needs of the student and objectives contained within the Education, Health and Care Plan.