Referrals & Admissions

Many of the pupils attending Heath Farm School are referred via Heath Farm Family Services as part of a ‘wrap around’ service including fostering and education. Other referrals are made directly from the Kent LA, and from a number of other IFA’s.

Admissions to the school from Heath Farm Family Services are closely co-ordinated between Heath Farm School and Heath Farm Family Services to enable the right ‘matching’ for the child in relation to the foster placement and schooling. Pupil admissions directly from Kent LA and other providers are subject to similar careful matching procedures. All necessary information will be scrutinised and a place offered if all the necessary criteria are met.

Every effort is made to ensure that the child is appropriately placed and that the provision offered by the school matches the needs of the child.
Once placed, the expectation is that each child will gain opportunities to maximise their potential and eventually leave school with accreditation and a foundation to move into further education and / or working life.

Where it is thought appropriate, integration into mainstream schooling will be considered as part of a clearly defined pathway for the child.

To summarise, in all cases, pupils will only be considered for admission if:

  •  They have a current, or pending, Statement of Special Educational Needs (unless the school offers an assessment placement.)
  •  Funding has been formally agreed with the respective Local Authority.
  • The special needs of the pupil, as described in Part 11 of the Statement are such as can be met by the school in terms of its registration.
  • The provision, described in Part III of the Statement, is such as can be met by the school in terms of its registration.
  • All up to date information concerning the pupil, including the most recent reviews, IEP’s and reports and the Statement of SEN will be provided by the funding authority.
  • Foster carers, parents and carers, and Social Workers formally accept the School Policy as presented at interview/and or by letter.
  • Pupils agree to comply with School Rules, learning and behavioural expectations of the school and parents, foster carers and carers and
  • Social Workers support the school in relation to this.
  • There is a place available in the appropriate class / year group.
  • The child / young person’s admission will not significantly disrupt the education or jeopardise the safety of the other children / young people in the school.

Pupils for whom English is an additional language are admitted to the school only providing they meet the above criteria. For such pupils additional support is provided on a 1:1 basis, or within very small teaching groups, on an individual basis.